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At EPI we innovate, collaborate and create by working in partnership with schools and trusts to release efficiencies which will support the continued enrichment of your young people.

EPI is a proud supplier to the Department for Education for the School Resource Management Advisor Programme and in addition we also provide the following range of solutions to schools:

  • Business coaching and mentoring to senior leaders
  • Strategic planning over the medium and long term
  • Objective ongoing assessment of the school’s financial health using ICFP
  • Challenge and partnership at all levels of governance to support efficiency
  • Due diligence on future growth opportunities
  • Economies and efficiencies through membership of our MAT Network
  • Group collaboration opportunities between schools and trusts


Our flagship ICFP support programme

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Partnering with you on specific projects and consulting needs

Our Experience

At EPI we collaborate with schools and trusts across the UK to create, support and implement innovative resource management strategies that have the best interests of students and pupils at their heart.

Our advisors have broad experience across the whole of the education sector, with expertise in Finance, HR, ICFP, IT, Estates and Marketing all of which is underpinned by sector specific qualifications.