Apply to be an SRMA

How do I apply to become a SRMA?

To become a SRMA you will need register your interest with one of the two accredited SRMA Supplier organisations.  An SRMA cannot be signed up with more than one supplier.

The suppliers all work slightly differently, and candidates are encouraged to research these organisations to ensure they find the best fit for their own contexts and training requirements.

Supplier Details can be found below:

North Yorkshire County Council –Financial Management Services For Schools | North Yorkshire Education Services (  Email:

ISBL – School Resource Management Advisers (SRMAs) ( Email:

Supplier organisations provide training and support for their SRMA to prepare for induction and accreditation, and deployments.

Accreditation is formally awarded through a DfE certificate issued by the EPI. It does not have an expiry date, but accredited status will be revoked if a SRMA does not carry out at least two effective deployment per year.