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EPI delivers high performance, education focused business services to schools in the UK.

EPI was founded in 2015 with a focus on providing robust business management services. Since then, we have grown our business and become a supplier to the Department of Education for School Resource Management and an approved supplier to the ESFA for financial support for schools. In addition to this we have worked nationally and internationally to support schools in a range of financial matters.


Our vision is to work with every school, empowering education in partnership through our innovative approach to the business of education.

This Microsoft Excel toolkit has been developed alongside the SRMA programme which represents a major opportunity for EPI to be nationally recognised as an organisation that supports schools with strategic school resource management.


This toolkit can be used by a range of stakeholders in the sector and is designed to support:

Primary, Secondary, Special, Alternative, Nursery and Multi-Academy Trusts. As the toolkit is developed with schools, we will continually update functionality and make this available to the sector.

What’s available in our Efficiency Toolkit

The current version of the Efficiency Toolkit has the ability to:

  1. Input staffing and budget data
  2. Calculate Headline KPI’s (Contact Ratio, PTR etc.).
  3. Calculate KPI’s as a percentage on income and expenditure
  4. Calculate Per Pupil Metrics
  5. Benchmark these KPI’s against national data thresholds for Primary and Secondary Schools using DFE School Resource Management 2019/20 Data.
  6. Forecast KPI’s over future years based upon proposed budgetary and staffing changes.

Future planned developments

This Autumn Term our ICFP Toolkit is moving to an online platform.


Our tool will assist you in designing a curriculum that is cost effective and affordable, with enabled export of your existing budget 


With our regularly updated benchmarking, an inbuilt curriculum design module, and the ability to strategically review your school or trust through the dynamic dashboard. 


  1. Allow MAT’s to input their Trust wide data into one tool
  2. Allow MAT’s to benchmark all schools across the trust in one dashboard, as well as a single school against national benchmarks or targets
  3. Enable Trustees and Senior Leaders to set targets to measure against through an academic year and multiple years
  4. Create measurable actions linked to a schools Improvement Plan and ICFP metrics
  5. Assess the Trusts KPI’s against national benchmarks, including DFE, Kreston Reeves, OGAT, ASCL as well as our own developing dataset, with the ability to select appropriate benchmarks against key context characteristics for each school or trust
  6. Support greater analysis of curriculum structure, including deployment of teaching, TA,s and support staff as well as a SEN specific curriculum designer

Import staffing, budget and current curriculum data from SIMS, HCSS, FMS and PSF.