Funding & Bid Writing

Need funding for your school, but don't know where to find the time to right the bid? Likewise are you looking to open a Free School, build Trust Capacity or address a building condition issue?

EPI has assisted many schools and academies in grant, project and bid writing.

We will collaborate with you to plan, research and write a funding application for your project. This will include discussions with you about the details of your project idea and useful information about your school, its vision and future strategic plan to enable us to inspire ideas about your project. We will research and develop your idea into a fundable project and match it with funds available.


We will write your bid and work with you to make sure that you are happy, once completed we will submit the bid on your behalf. We work with schools and academies to ensure that they are able to access grants and funding available to their schools, when they don’t have the capacity to do so.


Our successful projects include:

• CIF Bids

• Free School Bids

• Salix & Decarbonisation Funding

• TCAF Funding

• Charitable Fundraising