EPI Online Toolkit

Designed in schools our ICFP toolkit can be used to assess key KPI measures, benchmark these against national data and support schools in designing and delivering a balanced and efficient curriculum design.

The ICFP Toolkit is a strategic tool to assist school leaders in short and long term decision making, considering both the curriculum design and budget available.

The Benefits of EPI ICFP Toolkit

ICFP combines your curriculum design, staffing and school improvement plan to support your budgeting, financial and resource planning over multiple years.


By using our ICFP Toolkit you can maximise the efficient use of resources to raise standards and using the diagnostic metrics you can analyse the school’s budgetary and financial health and identify issues to consider alongside your school improvement plan. Our ICFP

Haven’t I heard of ICFP before?

Most Schools, Trusts and Local Authorities will have heard of ICFP before. ICFP is not a new concept, nor is it mechanistic or simply a set of metrics.


Some approaches to ICFP consider just the curriculum and staffing, or just look at making efficiencies in only secondary schools.


The EPI ICFP Toolkit goes far beyond this and is a holistic approach that supports school improvement over many years and across any type of school.

What are the key metrics?

Metric Detail
Pupil Teacher Ratio
How many students per a teacher?
Pupil Adult Ratio
How many students per a member of staff?
Teacher Contact Ratio
How much time do your teachers spend teaching?
Average Teacher Cost
On average, what is the cost of 1 teacher?
Cost Per Lesson
Cost of one lesson per week
Average Class Size
How many students are in a class?
Teacher Cost as % Income
What % of your budget is spent on staffing and how is this value for money?
Curriculum Staff Cost as % Income
Administrative Staff Cost as % Income
Total Staff Costs as % Income
Leadership Costs as % Income
Management Cost as % Income

Linking Curriculum, Staffing, School Improvement and the Budget

Our EPI ICFP Toolkit enables leaders to make informed decisions based upon factual measures. Taking the core areas of curriculum, staffing, school improvement and budgets leaders can then benchmark these and plan approaches to school improvement efficiently.


Some of the key aspects our toolkit supports are:

  1. Identifying how efficiently teaching staff are actually deployed
  2. Identify where the curriculum model is inefficient, looking at subjects and
    course levels if required and analysing this against academic performance
  3. Testing and reviewing whether or not the student recruitment strategy is
    working and supporting declining student numbers
  4. Giving thought to in-year contingencies
  5. Long term premises and property development
  6. Reviewing staff retention and implications for salary increases
  7. Enabling the school to build a reserve for capital projects


ICFP allows analysis and comparison of multiple schools, whilst including contextual information about the school to assess whether or not the values are appropriate.

Accessing and Using the EPI ICPF Toolkit

To start using the EPI ICFP Toolkit the following information is needed:

  • 3-5 year budget plan.
  • Breakdown with full detail of the teaching staff, support staff and leadership employed
  • Teaching and support staff structure diagrams inc. leadership structures
  • Curriculum planning diagrams and details
  • School improvement plan and any capital development plans