Our first blog!

Write a blog on the education sector we said, what could be easier than that….that’s our line of work, how challenging can it be??!!

CHALLENGING! There is so much out there already, blogs, websites, information updates, press releases and there is much written on the ’state’ of the education sector BUT how much do we actually find useful, informative, engaging and challenging?

Recently at EPI we have found ourselves asking all of the above questions, always up for the challenge we thought we would set ourselves the task of trying to answer the question; ‘Is what is being written useful and more importantly providing the level of insight needed to develop and challenge the system?’.

Our response…to contribute, add to the system as it were (given that we are part of the system). No longer just content with quietly getting the job done, we want to break the common misconceptions associated with the education sector and share best practice with you, communicate and contribute alongside the other inspiring professionals such as ASCL, ISBL, EdExec and the whole SBL community, hoping that the insights we provide are an exciting addition, add value and inspire you to challenge the ’norm’.

So it’s here, after our first successful year working with the schools and trusts engaged in the SRMA programme, we launch our blog.

With aims to discuss over our next few posts;

1. System Leadership

2. The School Business Professional

3. ICFP (this has its own mini series)

4. And the business of education

But who are we to be able to discuss these areas?

EPI, Educational improvement through Partnership and Innovation. We collaborate with schools and trusts across the UK and internationally to create, support and implement innovative resource management strategies that have the best interests of students at their heart. We started life in 2015 and since then have quietly grown to support a number of schools and trusts in the UK and abroad. Everyone at EPI has either worked or continues to work in schools in SBL roles; which we think gives us a great advantage having not only been there we continue to be there.

Keep a lookout for our next blog post coming soon!

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