Resource Management

Our Resource Management programme works alongside School’s, Trust’s and Local Authorities’ to provide professional support to develop and improve efficiency in your school and according to your school’s characteristics.

Each of our programmes is built to your school and draws the best of our innovative approach to supporting school improvement.

Resource Management at EPI focusses on the following areas:


• financial planning which is aligned to delivering educational outcomes

• strategic financial planning over a longer term

• the effective and efficient deployment of staff

• reviewed, assessed and efficient spend on non-staff costs

• robust challenge from financially skilled governors and school leaders

• skilled staff responsible for managing finances

• robust systems and processes, which encourage constructive challenge within and between schools


Whether a one off Resource Management Review to a longer term programme where we work with you typically over twelve to eighteen months. We ensure our support ensures schools are confident about:


how you should assess your levels of resource management

what potential they have to make improvements, particularly through benchmarking their use of resources against other, similar schools

where their resource management could be improved

know how to direct resources to have the greatest impact on attainment, including through ensuring schools are procuring goods and services using the best available deals