Integrate ICFP across any school, MAT or LA

In partnership with your School, Trust or LA our bespoke professional support programme works in unison with you to support development and improvement of efficiency in your school and according to your school’s characteristics.

Each of our programmes is bespoke to you and draws the best of our innovative approach to supporting school improvement.



Assess and benchmark your school online

Designed in schools and with schools our ICFP toolkit can be used to assess key KPI measures, benchmark these against national data and support schools in designing and delivering a balanced and efficient curriculum design.



Work in partnership for the benefit of all

Be part of our Multi-School Network and access a range of services and support from Governance Development, Leadership Coaching and Marketing Support to Group Wide Procurement, Policy Development and HR advice and casework.

Its like being in a MAT, with all the benefits group support whilst maintaing each schools individuality!



Special project or one off advice?

We recognise that sometimes schools dont want to buy a specific project or services and that in reality a specific answer or piece of work simply needs external support.

Our consulting service offers just this. A simple model of pay per day and schools can access our wealth of knoweldge and experience to solve any challenge you may be facing.


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