Vision & Values

Our vision is to work with every school, trust and educator; empowering education in partnership through our innovative approach to school resource management.

Our Values


We are only in the business of education, we would not be doing our job if we didn’t engage with you to share best practices.


We set out to inspire you to improve school standards and develop systems, processes and professionals  to enable you to be sustainable and accountable.


We see the combination of different expert skillsets and personalities as a cultural strength and one that gives rise to exciting products and services at EPI.


We work together with schools for a multitude of reasons, over different timelines and according to their needs.


We believe that nothing is more important than our reputation, one we have built on the highest levels of integrity, transparency and mutual trust.


We are wholeheartedly committed to consistently delivering, that sees us going the extra mile with a ‘can do attitude’ meaning you can run your school on a day to day basis whilst working with us.